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I wanted to mention Baron Xavier and Bear taking care of the drunks and making sure they got back to their encampment safe at Harper's retreat this last weekend.  Heck and all the people who do that, but those are the two I know of most recently, that's the kind of caring for each other we could use more of in the SCA!

Way cool LJ community
Just found a very cool LJ community. It is called whatwasthatbook.  You can ask about a book you've been trying to figure out the name
of or the author of, or whatever. And there are all kinds of people trying to figure out things that they've forgotten too.  I have had the opportunity to ask other librarians such questions before. But I suspect there are more people in the LJ community than are on the librarian list serves I've posted to...though I could be wrong. 

It is so nice that people are willing to help each other out like that. 

I've already made some progress on forgotten books that have been bugging me off and on for years.

Rainy Days
Rain.. pouring rain. You never know what amazing acts of kindness can come from rainy days. This story thanks two different folks for their kindness...

The setting is Pennsic, two years back...
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All in all, it reminds me that people sometimes are just there to brighten someone else's day.

Another old story
Now I plan on having new stuff to post here once events start happening, and nothing posted here has to be in story form, it can be as simple as posting that so and so got a much deserved award at the event this weekend.  I just want people to know you can post anything positive here.  I'm just posting stories because those are what I have kicking around.  This one is written in a more formal style because it was written almost 9 years ago (April 11th 2000) for a Bardic group on Yahoo I was part of.

Now this happened on the way back from spring Coronation in 2000.Collapse )</div>

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I was trying to go to an event, but I was seven-months pregnant. I felt like a hippo. I tried on every piece of garb I owned, and the only thing thst fit was my plainest linen houppelande and my most decrepit chemise. I said "f#$k it" and went anyway.

I heard more compliments and nice things that day than ever before - one person said I looked like an illustration come to life. I guess the belly made the houppelande sit just right. It was so nice to have one day of feeling like I looked great, despite, or perhaps because of, my giant belly!

Wolfie "The muddy"
Well first I would like to welcome all the new members, now it looks like I'll have to come up with some content....  there will be more and more recent people, events, experiences posted but this is one I remember fondly and is a good place to start.

Ok this actually happened at S&M 14, or GNEW 14 as it is known these days.  As some of you know that was when it was held at the horse farm on the peninsula and it *RAINED*!!!!  Now it was a gorgeous site but when it rained it got muddy and at S&M 14 (as at S&M 10) it didn't just rain it came down like someone had turned a river sideways!  Now it had started raining friday night but had stopped before morning so when it started raining around 3 am on saturday morning we kind of expected it to do the same...  by 8 am the weatherproofing on our tent gave out!  Since it was obvious sleep wasn't going to continue, it was decided that it was my job to go out and get the car so we could load up before it got "nasty".  See we were at S*M 10 and remembered what THAT had been like.  so I started to trudge my way out and on my way started singing "Oh purple skies so threatening, oh pounding sheets of rain..."  by the time I got to the chorus I could hear coming from the tents around me "Malagentia! Malagentia! God poured his grace on thee..." 

So I got my car in with no problem and packed up the tent, bedding, garb, and headed out.  Now at this point the road was still passable, however my dear friend Lady Cara the Bard (she has a different last name now but I can't spell it) was having car trouble and flagged us down.  I had her sit in our warm car with Heidi because she was turning blue fom the cold, while I helped the other good gentle get her battery jump started.  THIS however isn't the good deed that I am telling of in this story...

See by the time we got her car started the road out was now...  not so passable...  I got stuck!  I got stuck to the point that the floor boards were in mud!  at this point Wolfie (that would be Baron Wulfhere)  (if someone knows how to spell that better let me know) and 5 other big burly fighters came running out of the woodwork (I swear they were hiding in a tent just waiting their chance) and LITERALLY picked up my car and moved it 8 feet over, put it down, slapped it on the trunk, and said "You're good to go"!  now this wasn't some sub compact car this was a full sized Chevy Celebrity!!  fully loaded with two people in it!!!  In the hustle and bustle of trying to get traffic out before the rest of the road was impassable I didn't even get to find out who the other fighters were, but they never even asked for any thanks or anything, they were just doing their part to make it all work.  Those are the kinds of things that I remember fondly!

Greetings and salutations!
First of all WELCOME to sca_nice!!!!

This community was started as a venue for people to post positive stories and comments about the people, events, and experiences in the SCA.  The aim here is to encourage and reward courteous and chivalrous behavior.   We tend to see and emulate what people talk the most about and unfortunately all too often that is the negative.

This group was started on the philosophy "Better to light a candle than curse the dark". 

There is too much negative in the world, I want to hear the good stories, I want to hear about the good gentle who went the extra mile to help out under less than perfect circumstances, I want to hear the warm fuzzy stories about how Master so and so was entertaining the 4 year old, I want to hear about that wonderful event where everything was so perfect for a while you were "in the dream".  I want to hear about the mouth watering feast that you left 10 pounds heavier, I want to hear about (and see pics of) the beautiful site at X event, tell me that funny story about getting lost on the way back from the porta-castle, just tell us about the things that keep you coming back to SCA events!

(edit) if you like the idea help spread the word

Courtesy is owed, Respect is earned, Love is freely given!


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